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15 reasons to not put your cat in a cat boarding facility

  • Very hard these days to find a cat boarding facility
  • You need to have the vaccination of your cat up to date (veterinarian fees)
  • You need to have various flea / mites etc. treatments up to date
  • Travelling will stress out your cat
  • Cats do not always adapt to their new environment
  • If your cat needs a vet during the boarding, it is very difficult to find a clinic
  • It may be possible, due to stress, that your cat will not eat in boarding, after 4 days of not eating, vomiting will start non-stop and then this requires a trip to the vet
  • Boarding cats costs more than home cat visits
  • If your cat had health issues in the past, these issues may re-surface during boarding as well as any dormant health issues
  • If your cat needs to go to the vet and the pet sitter cannot put your cat in the carrier because he is too aggressive / nervous than this can become a very bad situation
  • During boarding, your cat can catch a virus / germ etc. even if he is not in contact with other cats because most viruses / germs are airborne
  • Sometimes when your cat goes back home from boarding, his behavior might change in a negative way
  • Cat breeds (Bengal, Rex, Siamese, Highland Lynx, Sphinx, Abyssinian, Main Coon, Highland Lynx) adapt very poorly to boarding and often will meow. These are cats that need to be with people and not locked in a room or a cage.
  • There are simply too many risks involved
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